Who's Who in the Trip'n World

The Trips
A: 1st born, Girl, Talkative, Sparkly, a full-fledged Bandeet. Current Aspirations: Doggie doctor or television news reporter. (She is incredibly well suited for both)

B: 2nd Born, Girl, Sensitive, Great Leader (read bossy), Most Likely to be a Cabaret Performer. Walks the line between tomboy and girlie-girl with panache. Has bizarre facination with worms, butterflies (okay, that's not too bizarre) and other insects.

C: 3rd Born, THE Boy, Biggest Baby, Cuddler, Most Athletic. Car-truck-sport obsessed, Best Artist. Enjoying the all-male environment of his classroom this year.

The Rest
Trip'n Daddy (a.k.a H): My loving, priceless husband (passed away in May, 2011)

Trouble: The dog. No, that's not her REAL name, although it is her middle name. :-) We did consider it as a first name, but thought we'd be asking for...well, you know.

Saba & Savta: Trip'n Mommy's parents

Grandma & Zaide: Trip'n Daddy's parents

UM & AM: Trip'n Mommy's brother and sister-in-law. Made Aliyah with their 4 kids in 2006

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