Tuition money well spent!

First, I want to say that I met C's Rebbi and he is wonderful man who clearly loves his talmidim and teaching the important building blocks of learning to the boys.


C comes home from school today and turns on the stereo, blasting Shabechi by the Yeshiva Boy Choir.

(Press Next for Sample)

He calls out to me, "Hey Mom, look! I am playing the guitar!"

It was true. He was playing a mean air guitar.

Stunned that my 5 year old (who has never, according to my knowledge, played Guitar Hero) knew how to do this, I asked, "Where did you learn that?"


Shana Tova! Mah Nah Man Nah!

This one is for A, who loves the original and will play it whenever she can.

Shana Tova from the Trip'n Family everyone!


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