What Hump?

C came down with Scarlet Fever (which is just strep with a rash) over last Shabbat. I found the whole thing sort of disconcerting, because Friday and Shabbat he had a fever but no other real symptoms. I kept asking him what hurt and he couldn't specify. He had no appetite though. Shabbat afternoon he started complaining about the back of his neck hurting. By Sunday, he was covered in a sandpapery rash and we were off to the doctor. Scarlet Fever was the diagnosis and he started taking amoxicillin right away.

Monday, he was at Saba and Savta's while I was at work. In the middle of the day, I get a call that his neck is stiff, he is holding his head at an angle and can't move it. I called the doctor who said "Motrin and warm compresses, and check in with me later." When I got home later, I saw why Saba and Savta were slightly alarmed. C's ear was almost touching his shoulder and he was moving his whole torso to look from side to side. Tuesday morning was not much better, so we went back to the doctor.

I tried to convince C that he had a very serious condition called NintenNeck which was caused by too much time on the Wii and DSI (not to mention the Leapster and Club Penguin on Mommy and Daddy's laptop), but he didn't buy it. Even the doctor got in on it, telling him no video games of any kind for a month. C is waaay to smart for that, and didn't fall for it.

Luckily, it really just seems to be an irritated muscle from the swollen lymph nodes. Since all the other symptoms responded to the antibiotics, we are sticking with the warm compresses and Motrin. The doctor also suggested some range of motion exercises. He is slowly improving.

Meanwhile, we are getting a kick out of own little Quasimodo...or Igor. I told him that if anyone should offer to help him with that hump, he should reply "What hump?"

So in honor of C and his hump, and one of Trip'n Daddy's favorite movies:

Lighting Up

Chanukah is here!

Giving your children something they ask for is the most incredible feeling in the world. Not being able to do it is like ripping your heart out slowly.

This year has been a tough one financially in the Trip'n House. The fact the the Trips are getting older and more aware of material things has made it tougher. Last year, we were able to put the girls in dance classes. This year they asked for Gymnastics (A), Ballet (B), and Karate (C). We just couldn't do it. It really broke my heart. Since I have recently taken a part-time job, we are hoping that things are going to ease up a bit, but it might take a while.

Meanwhile, Chanukah has been on my mind for a few weeks. Philosophically, I believe in Chanukah Gelt, but the Trips are pretty young for that. They are just now beginning to get the concept of money, and that it is just not for giving Tzedakah. We are hoping this will help (a present from dear family friends):

So Chanukah presents it is. Since this year is tighter, I tried to plan a little more in advance. Watching the web for sales, I have had gifts arriving in bits and spurts for weeks. They have been sitting in their shipping boxes in the front room, waiting to be unpacked and wrapped. The Trips haven't suspected a thing.

People have been asking them what they want for Chanukah and the replies have been consistent:

1. A Nintendo DS(especially C)
2. A Wii
3. Things for their "collections" (the girls)

I was pretty sure that the first two were not going to happen, so I worked on #3.

A has started a collection of snow globes. She picked her first one in Sesame Place (Zoe) this summer and has been asking for a Cinderella and a Sleeping Beauty one. Thanks to a sale at The Disney Store, I was able to snag them, plus a few more for future surprises.

B has been talking about collecting Golden Retrievers ever since they saw the Buddy movies. Do you know how hard it is to find Golden Retriever toys that won't break the bank or take over the house? When I saw this one, I just melted and gave in. (I hope Trouble doesn't take issue with it!)

C already has an abundance of cars, Cars, and trucks, so I got him No Stress Chess. He loves playing Chess Titans on the computer and this one will help improve his skills. Maybe I can finally learn too!

Of course, there are many more suprises (including Up, which I just couldn't, well, pass "up") from us and UM & AM, Grandma & Zaide, and others.

But the most amazing thing has been the arrival of dream items #1 and #2.

My wonderful aunt and uncle gave the Trips a DS to share. Since they are about to be grandparents for the 5th time (B"AH) and we may not see them actually on Chanukah, the Trips got this one early. They have been waiting to play with it with eager anticipation, but honestly, Trip'n Daddy and I each wanted a turn first!

As for #2, we had received a gift certificate to Toys R' Us from old family friends. We were able to pair this with the incredible generosity of the S family, and Saba and Savta, and...it is in the house! The Trips have absolutely no idea that they are getting it, and I absolutely cannot wait to see their faces. Or play with it.

I wrapped up the presents last night with a full heart. They are going to be so happy. I feel so blessed that my children are going to get everything that they have asked for and want.

This is going to be a magical, light-filled Chanukah.

Speaking of collections and getting what you want, the always-spectacular-and-incomparable Trip'n Daddy has given me this (and I have yet to take it off):


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