What's in a name?

I have playing around with the idea of starting a blog for a while. Today, I finally decided to take the leap and get one started. Then I was faced with what to call this thing. My intentions are to blog about my multifaceted life, so how to include all the elements of my life in one snappy little name? Well, here's what you should know about me, some of which contributed to naming this blog:
  1. I am a mother of adorable preschool age triplets. I call them "The Trips"
  2. I am a Torah observant Jew, who believes in the principles Torah U'Maada.
  3. We have a dog, and we love her very much. We had her before we had the triplets, so don't ask me why we have one! She had a well established place before the kids came along.
  4. I work full-time for a nonprofit organization.
  5. I want to make aliyah, but have a semi-recalcitrant spouse. Don't knock him, he has some VERY good reasons. We are working on it.
  6. I believe that life is a long, strange trip and that He controls all the bends in the road. The best we can hope for is that what's around the next bend is good! It is our job to keep growing and learning from every little thing that is put in path. We should always be "going up."
  7. I believe that in order to get through life, you need to find the humor. It is much more useful to laugh than to cry.
  8. I tend to trip up the stairs.

There is much, much more to me... but I don't want to give away too much too soon. Also, in the effort to keep this anonymous, I am going to spill the more interesting details only as necessary.


Risa said...

Nice name, nice blog. I'm pleased to have discovered it. I see you've discovered me as well. Thanks for the link.
I sort of had triplets too. One year on Simchat Tora I was a mother of two kids a 5 year old boy and a four year old girl and pregnant. Two days later I gave birth to a lovely little girl and on Chol Hamoed the next year I gave birth to twin boys. I have heard kids born less than a year apart described as 'Irish twins'. I think mine qualify as 'Irish triplets'.
By the way, we travelled with this brood when the twins were 2 1/2 (to NY for Pesach) and the girl 3 1/2 etc. It was quite an experience. See, I'm here to tell the story.
Enjoy your trip!


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