What if the Seven Dwarfs were Jewish?

Well, SuperRaizy has figured it out.

Too funny not to share. 

Pesach cleaning

Well, I can no longer avoid it. Pesach is coming.

Let the cleaning begin!

(This is when I run, screaming, from the room and hide under my blanket.)

A laugh in honor of the season

With a hat tip to my friend Susie for sharing this on Facebook

You can't make this stuff up!  

(Also note: it apparently take 2 Brits to be as funny as Jeff Foxworthy...)

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I don't have much time before Shabbat, but I am so excited, I just had to post.

I have the Best Husband. In. The. World.

For my birthday (which was a stressful day, but more about that later...), he ordered me EXACTLY what I wanted. I hinted, nagged, negotiated, and harangued him publicly on Facebook.

But he ordered it with a smile on his face. Sort of.


Third Annual Link to Jack Day

Since I am brand new to the Jewish Blogspere, this is my first chance to participate in this annual event. 

It is also a wonderful chance for me to both make friends AND influence people!

So here it is: 

Is THIS why they are so smart?

Every night  (except Fridays, of course)for the last few years the Trips have gone to sleep listening to the Little Einsteins: Musical Missions CD.   The CD features short vignettes based on different episodes from the first season of Playhouse Disney's Little Einsteins.  Like the show, it also features classical music as background music for the narrative and also as songs with words sung by the always off key Annie. 

This CD has  Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumble Bee, Bizet's Carmen Suite #1, and Brahm's Hungarian Dance #5. 

Most people who meet the Trips think they are pretty bright. Just ask Savta! Could this really be the Mozart Effect at work??

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