Busy, Busy, Busy...Pause

I have said recently that I am the busiet unemployed person I know.  It seems that I have been going non-stop. I haven't even had time to put my thoughts together and throw them up here. Doctors appointments, ParnasaFest, Library advisory committee, resumes, and job applications. Pesach is coming and the list is soooo long. Going, going, going... 

Then, this afternoon, I see that AM has this as her Facebook status:
Upset that a nearby mother woke up thinking it was going to be a normal day and by 5 PM her teenage son was buried. She, like the rest of us was probably aggravated to have the kids home from school, now she'd give anything for that.
Huh? Wha?

So I go hunting and find out that and axe wielding Arab terrorist killed a 13 year old boy in Bat Ayin today. By the time I found out, he was already buried.

AM & UM live minutes away from Bat Ayin. Their oldest is a 13 year old boy. 

This is just too close. It is too gruesome, too much to get my head around. 

Imagine how his mother feels. 


SuperRaizy said...

It's way too horrible to imagine. My heart goes out to his family and his community.

AM said...

it made us all stop and think about how the everyday difficulty really isnt so difficult and how lucky we are to have those kids that are driving us crazy.

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