It's been a while...

But since 2 out of 3 Trips are running a fever, it is a lazy Sunday in the Trip'n House. If this isn't a good time for an update, I don't know what is.

We are having a rough season. C had THE FLU. You know, the one that sparked the jokes about pigs flying...

Luckily, it wasn't that bad. He ran a fever for a few days, but otherwise was in great spirits. The scariest part was that since Trip'n Daddy's major health scare last spring, any minor sickness becomes a bit tricky. In the end, Thank G-d, Trip'n Daddy was diagnosed with a very treatable auto-immune disease and not the terrible disease we really thought it was. He is being treated with steroids, which is an adventure in itself. But the combination of the disease and the medication make his immune system really weak. So our pediatrician did the flu test to confirm it, and Trip'n Daddy got a round of TamiFlu.

Next, we were struck with a stomach virus. It has gone around the house starting with B, to me, to Trip'n Daddy (who of course had it the worst of any us, poor guy) then to C. Even Trouble threw up this week! Only A has been spared, but I am still waiting. It seems to have gotten eclipsed by this newest thing...

Now, A and B are running a fever, have stuffy, snotty noses, and nasty coughs. I was going to run them over to the doctor for a Flu Test, but he has taken today off (the nerve!) A strange symptom of this one is extreme talkativeness, which we are used to in A, but is really different for B. The combo of both of them is enough to give any adult a pounding headache.

Also of interest is that I have started a new job. I am working in the administrative office for a sleep away camp for Yeshivish/Bais Yaakov girls. The irony of working for a place that would not accept my daughters as campers is not lost, and some of the things I am encountering have provided much fodder for open-mouthed wonderment, snickering, and just plain confusion.

I will leave you with just one little morsel and feel free to try to explain it, because I don't get it. (Disclaimer: I am usually very tolerant of tznius rules and respect what is asked of me. But when things go from machmir to ridiculous...)

The girls are not allowed to wear skirts with back pockets...or front zippers.


Anonymous said...

back pockets bring attention to the butt, front zipper, to the genital area.

sorry everyone has been so sick. sending healing vibes.

Trippin' Bro said...

Because you can carry dime bags and crack pipes in your back pockets and the zipper were invented either by a goy or an apikores.

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