What Hump?

C came down with Scarlet Fever (which is just strep with a rash) over last Shabbat. I found the whole thing sort of disconcerting, because Friday and Shabbat he had a fever but no other real symptoms. I kept asking him what hurt and he couldn't specify. He had no appetite though. Shabbat afternoon he started complaining about the back of his neck hurting. By Sunday, he was covered in a sandpapery rash and we were off to the doctor. Scarlet Fever was the diagnosis and he started taking amoxicillin right away.

Monday, he was at Saba and Savta's while I was at work. In the middle of the day, I get a call that his neck is stiff, he is holding his head at an angle and can't move it. I called the doctor who said "Motrin and warm compresses, and check in with me later." When I got home later, I saw why Saba and Savta were slightly alarmed. C's ear was almost touching his shoulder and he was moving his whole torso to look from side to side. Tuesday morning was not much better, so we went back to the doctor.

I tried to convince C that he had a very serious condition called NintenNeck which was caused by too much time on the Wii and DSI (not to mention the Leapster and Club Penguin on Mommy and Daddy's laptop), but he didn't buy it. Even the doctor got in on it, telling him no video games of any kind for a month. C is waaay to smart for that, and didn't fall for it.

Luckily, it really just seems to be an irritated muscle from the swollen lymph nodes. Since all the other symptoms responded to the antibiotics, we are sticking with the warm compresses and Motrin. The doctor also suggested some range of motion exercises. He is slowly improving.

Meanwhile, we are getting a kick out of own little Quasimodo...or Igor. I told him that if anyone should offer to help him with that hump, he should reply "What hump?"

So in honor of C and his hump, and one of Trip'n Daddy's favorite movies:


Anonymous said...

You sound like you handled things very calmly. I am the farthest thing from an alarmist mother, but when my kids complain about a stiff neck the first thing I do is make them touch their chin to their chest to rule out meningitis...

Trip'n Mommy said...

Well, the doctor had done that on Sunday, and Saba is a medical professional, so I figured he had it covered...

I try not to panic or imagine the worst. It helps me keep a clearer head.

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