Air Tripping with the Trips

In a few short weeks are going to Israel for the first time as a family. We have a number of simchas to attend and it will be the first time that we will see UM &AM's house since they made Aliyah. We are all very excited, probably with the exception of Trouble, who has noticed the suitcases and realizes she's not coming.

The idea of an 11 hour flight with 4 year old Trips is daunting. I am trying to plan various ways to entertain and amuse them so they don't make the entire airplane crazy. (Although knowing my kids, they will likely be amusing and entertaining the entire plane!)

So here is what I have gathered in my amusement efforts:

1. Music: SanDisk Sansa Shaker for each of them filled with all their favorites like Uncle Moishe, Sandra Boyton, YBC, Sesame Street, Laurie Berkner, Ralph's World (like B could live without The Mighty Worm), and Yisroel "Wiggiler."

2. Toys: I went to a local closeout store and got a Matchbox Car Wash Playset for C, and little Barbie Elephant Playset for the girls. I am happy to report that I paid
waaay less than Amazon's prices for either of those.

3. Games: I could give my kids each a deck of cards (no need to be a complete deck or even match!) and they could play "Coconut" for hours. Don't ask what it is, or how to play, it is one of those games only the Trips get. The idea of picking up a million cards from the floor of the plane, or worse, trying to get the kids to do it, is terrifying. So I ordered a Melissa & Doug Travel Memory Game and Magnetic Travel Tangoes.

4. Crafts: For the Trips last birthday, someone gave them these really cool 8 In 1 Crayon that seem perfect for a plane ride as crawling after rolling crayons is a worse prospect than cards! Luckily, I had some sort of prophetic moment and put them away, and now they are available and intact for us to take on the plane. I bought cheap coloring books and small sketch pads for each of them.

In case they tire of that stuff, I also have Crayola Color Wonder Glitter Coloring Kits and Magnetic Sketch Board for each of them.

5. "Friends" - A will likely bring her Abby Cadabby, B her Wormy, C his Bear.

So that should keep them entertained for about an hour. With the in-flight movies, maybe we are up to three.



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