Leaving on a Jet Plane

All TEN bags are packed,
We're ready to go...

I don't have time to continue with a witty little version.

What is El Al thinking?? Their in-flight entertainment includes not ONE animated or little kid friendly movie. But I am really excited that I am going to finally see Mamma Mia!!

Emergency addition to our entertainment plan, 2 portable DVD players and any DVDs we could find in the house.

Kids are getting bathed, then lunch, and out the door!!

Next post will be from the Holy Land!


Anonymous said...

Annoying that they don't have kids movies, but think about the pre-pick your own movie or tv shows days. I can't even believe it took as long as it did to get the touch screen technology. But thank goodness for it - I catch up on all the tv and movies I don't watch during the rest of the year! Also, thanks so much for linking to The Big Felafel! Also, is there a way to leave a comment as a regular person, not through google or openid? I left the big felafel.wordpress.com even though it doesn't exist, bc it was the only way to leave a comment.

Trip'n Mommy said...

Congrats on being my first comment!! I changed the comments setting to "anyone," so it shouldn't be so limiting.

In the end, the entertainment was nothing like what was listed on the website or in the magazine! I didn't get to see Mamma Mia and there were TWO movies for the kids: Horton Hears a Who and Finding Nemo!

But the DVD players came in handy while waiting at the gate and B was thrilled to have Blue's Clues to watch all by herself (when she should've been sleeping of course.)

Rebecca said...

So exciting to be your first commenter, and thanks for changing the comment options. Keep up the good bloggin!

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