Redeeming Herself

I know it has been a while, and for those who know me IRL, or follow me on Twitter, know that it is for a really good reason. I promise a longer post with a full update soon.

But I just couldn't pass this up.

During carpool this morning, we had the following conversation:

Me: (In response to another random piece of information about our family happenings that A shared with the entire carpool.) Thank you for the update. What would I do without my little news reporter?

A: I am NOT going to be a news reporter.

Me: Then stop practicing.

A: I am going to be a Vet!

B: I am also going to be a Vet.

Me: Wow, we are going to be a family full of Vets.

B: C is not going to be a Vet.

Me: Right, he is going to be a DaddyRacecarDriverPoliceMan

A: That's too many things.

Me: Why? I am a MommyWifeLibrarianMuseumPerson, or was...

B: I am going to be a LIBRARIAN! (Said with appropriate breathless admiration.)

Me: Really? That makes me really happy. Money isn't great though.

B: But first you have to teach me how to read.

Me: Deal!

Considering what happened a few months ago, I think she has redeemed herself.

(BTW - I am choosing to overlook the the part where she said "Morah Laurie is a Librarian!)


Sareet said...

when did the kids start talking like this so much??
you have to tell them to call me more often so that i can talk to them and hear their stories :-)

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