Knife in my Heart

This morning B was in a particularly b**chy mood

Yes, I know that's a terrible thing to say, but the kid is 4 going 14 lately! Permanent PMS, beyond cranky, it is really the only way to describe it. I know there are mothers out there who get what I am saying! Even Savta used the word to describe her lately!

Anyway, so this morning was really rough. 2 time outs and other assorted threats weren't getting through. Since mornings are pretty crazy in general, I was swallowing it the best I could and working on getting all the Trips out the door.

Everyone was ready, and I asked the girls how Show and Tell went this week (see above). B started complaining that she was the only one who brought a book and "I HATE BOOKS!"

Kid, your mother is a full fledged, Master's Degree toting Librarian!! Ouch!


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