Out of the Running, Again

Every once and a while, I have a (usually very public) moment with the Trips when I realize that my nomination for Mommy of the Year is going to be pulled. Sometimes it is letting them eat the wrong thing for breakfast, other times it is letting them listen to ABBA Gold over and over and over.
I have already written about the wonderful S family here. They have shared so much with our kids, not the least of which is their very special way of speaking. The Ss have a vocabulary all their own. I have to admit hearing my 2 year olds saying "nasty" was hysterical. Since the Trips spend so much time with them, some of their language has found its way into the Trip'n lexicon.

This week, C's bunk made a little book they called the Yellow Pages. In it, they had pages with titles like Favorite Color, Birthday, Favorite Camp Activity, Favorite Sport, Favorite Camp Lunch. Then they listed each boy in the bunk and his answer. So we learned (or confirmed) that C's favorite color is red, he loves swimming and hockey, and will always eat the camp's hot dogs and french fries.

I know you are dying to know what this has to do with MOY nomination and the Ss.

Trip'n Daddy gets to the last page of the book and says "OMG." (Well, he said the words, not the initials). I just knew this was not going to be good.

C's Favorite Food: Krapple.

Crapple (or Krapple, if you are C's Morah) = Cranberry Apple Kugel.


Yeah, no MOY award for me this year.


TwinTested said...

OMG! That is too funny!

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