Sour Grapes

C's camp has a canteen. They get a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack, but this is not enough for most boys. They also need to have access to myriads of junk to eat throughout the day.

As parents, we are expected to send in $5-$20 so that our sons can have a canteen "account." Last year, I ignored it. I ignored the phone call from the Morah "reminding" me about the canteen. After camp was over, I found out the canteen is a scheduled activity at camp. Not regularly for the pre-school boys, but they did go periodically over the summer. Apparently, C's Morah had rachmanut on him and bought him a snack or two when she took the bunk.

This year, I was determined to ignore them again. But the Morah called me today (not about the missing shorts!) to tell me that C was the only boy without a canteen account. Could she lay out $5 and I would pay her back? She wants to take the boys, but only once everyone had an account. I caved. Told her to go ahead, and I would pay her back.

C comes home today to tell me that he went to canteen and got a whole package (1 oz or 3 oz? No idea.) of sour sticks. When I asked if he shared with his friends, he replied "No, they all got their own ones." Oh, and "And we got a SODA too!"

Grr. No 5 year old needs that much sugar.

Why should they have discretionary spending when they have no discretion??

P.S. C came to me a little later to say his mouth hurt. From the sour sticks. Grr.


Bryna said...

Does this camp not read up on recent health news? Why are they not making a very simple, and not expensive decision to sell the kids juice and string cheese? or those little whole wheat cracker packs?

Trip'n Mommy said...

This year, they are supposed to have "healthy choices" also. Let me ask you, what 5 year old is going to choose something healthy when faced with mountains of junk?

Feel free to tirade at will ;-)

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