Mommy Time Out

I'm am writing this on my iPhone from a secure, top-secret location.

I am in a Mommy Time Out.

The past few days have been filled with massive Purim preparations. Everything that I chose for our Mishloach Manot was supposed to be incredibly simple, but of course ended up ridiculously complicated.

We are planning a Persian themed Seuda which means AM and I are preparing foods that we have never made before.

Throw in coordinating costumes for 3 picky 8 year olds, my birthday (which just made me cranky), and the arrival of Saba and Savta and you get one over stressed, overwrought, and overtaxed Trip'n Mommy.

So an hour before Megillah reading, I am hiding and trying to find the Simchat Purim that is hiding somewhere in me too.

Hester Panim theme?

Here's hoping that when I emerge, my good mood will reveal itself!

Wishing everyone a Purim Sameach!

(Uh oh, I hear little voices. I think security has been breeched... )


LoudLion said...

Just keep in mind all the wonderful Purim memories you have and all the new ones you will make. Also, let me know which Persian dishes you are making and how they come out...

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