On Puppiness

There are dog people and non-dog people. Then there are the dog-phobic and the dog-devoted.

I am admittedly a member of the latter.  Please see my Pinterest Puppiness board! So much fun!!

As a kid, I always wanted a dog.  Saba and Savta, who had previously had a dog (who had to be adopted out when she kept using UM as a chew toy), went the proverbial "when you are an adult and have your own house, you can get a dog."

When I met Trip'n Daddy, he had a dog. A monster Akita named "Sad Eyes." I admit he made me nervous. He was big. He was tough looking. And he was a tiny bit jealous of me. My heart broke for Trip'n Daddy when he had to be put down, but I didn't really get it.  The only pet I had ever lost was a couple of fish and a pair of white mice.

After being married for 4 years, we finally decided to take the plunge and get a puppy of our own.  I researched breeds and breeders and we found our Nili (AKA "Trouble"). I could write pages and pages of Nili stories.  She has been, and continues to be, a source of unconditional love, laughs, frustration, pride, and joy. She is a member of our family and has been dutifully vigilant in her role of  Master Comfort Giver, President of Licking, and CEO of Cuddling.

One of my favorite Nili pics I call "Tutu Much Silliness"
Did someone say "Chicken?"
After a tough day of Purim crime fighting
While pregnant with the Trips, I was on bed rest for 12 weeks.  Nili was by my side for every moment or cuddled under my belly. She was thrilled when the Trips came home and relished her new jobs as protector, face cleaner, and under the highchair vacuum. When Trip'n Daddy was so sick from chemo, Nili was found cuddled at his knees. Even now, at almost 10 years old and having suffered the indignity of being shipped to this new, dusty, mountainous place, she is there for me in my nighttime breakdowns, licking away my tears, tolerating my hugs, and serving as a heating pad in the freezing Neve Daniel nights.

I love it when she sleeps like this
Most recent Nili picture
So when my close friend, D, approached me with the possibility that her Peke, Coco, miiiiight be pregnant, I had this funny feeling that we would be getting a new dog. Then, when Coco had trouble delivering and I drove her and D to the vet in Ma'ale Adumim for a C-Section, it was pretty much guaranteed.

I know that there are those of you our there who are having the same response as MrsS, and I quote "You need to have your head examined!"

But there really is something to puppy love.  And love is something we need a lot of around here.  You have to see the Trips (and me) cuddling this little bundle of fur to fully appreciate how restorative it can be.

So, I am proud to introduce our "Sabra."  We are puppy-sitting for her and her Mommy for a few weeks and can already see how much she is going to add to our lives.

Trying Mommy's food for the first time
Taking over Nili's bed

Sabra in a bucket 


Skylar said...

Awwww...mazal tov on the new addition! I hope she brings you as much nachas and comfort as Nili has...and somewhat less trouble ;)

MODoc said...

She is sooo cute!

Samantha said...

Awww, she is SOOO cute!!!

SaraK said...

She is gorgeous and adorable! Mazal tov!

shay427 said...

Mazal Tov - She is adorable, and yes, puppies are special. Ilana adopted a puppy and while I adore my Charlie, who is 9, Maggie is a bundle of furry delight. May you enjoy your Sabra for many years, and may you, the trips and Nili shep nachat from the new family member.

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