Today would have been Trip'n Daddy's 45th birthday.  There are tons of things I could say about this, but honestly, I think he would only want me to say one thing.

For his 40th birthday, I made Trip'n Daddy a birthday party in our Succah. Surrounded by family and close friends, I gave him what was probably the best present I ever gave him in all of our years together.  (In my own defense, it was impossible to buy him gifts. He never wanted anything.)

I bought him a flying lesson.

The look of sheer joy and excitement as he opened the folder is imprinted on my heart.  His "No way!" echoes in my ears.  How often do you get the chance to fulfill a loved one's dream?

That June, on a beautifully clear day, he had his lesson.

It was a once in a lifetime experience.  I am so thankful that he had the chance to do it before he left this world.

So the one thing is this: Don't wait. Work for dreams, no matter how big or small.  Make the dreams of your loved ones come true.  In short, Seize the Day.

He soared that day.  And his spirit continues to soar.


Jeremy Chwat said...

I remember that party in the succah and him talking about the lesson. You are right. His excitement was palpable!

Melissa Chapman said...

You are so brave and lovely and I am in awe of you!

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