Loving Life in Israel: Surprise Treats

I could go on for hours, or days, about the wonderful things that happen in our Yishuv daily.

In a crisis, they happen hourly. During our acute crisis, and during Shiva, AM dubbed a particularly delightful habit of certain Yishuv members as Random Acts of Carbohydrates.

Hey, we are Jews, if someone is in trouble, pain, sick, healthy, happy...feed them!  The sweeter, the better.

There is one family in particular that has not given up on us in this practice.

Every once and a while before a Shabbat or Chag, someone from the family will show up with baked good or treats.  Before Chag, we got a lovely popcorn filled vase with candy "flowers." (Once it was real flowers!  My hips were particularly thankful.)

The Trips always ask me why.  How do you explain chesed on this level?  I tell them that we are so lucky that they like us and do nice things for us.

But in my heart, it fills a bit of the emptiness that misses the Shabbat flowers or Yom Tov present Trip'n Daddy would sometimes give.

You know who you are.  I want you to know that your kindness knows no bounds and does wonders for our family's moral.

Thank you.


The Real Jerusalem Streets said...

So happy to see an upbeat post right after first day Sukkot. Sometimes holidays are the hardest, so good you are in a caring community. Sharon A

Baila said...

Yes, it feels good to be loved and enveloped by community. I'm glad for you. Hope you have a fun chol hamoed.

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