Bodily Fluid Fiesta!


Just a snapshot of how crazy life with 5 year old triplets and a dog can get.

One of the reason Trouble has earned this nickname is due to a weak bladder. She has been known to pee in fear, anger, happiness, change in weather, just because. Lucky for us, she is a small dog, so the puddles tend to be small. Along with this, she occasionally gets minor bladder infections where she looses control more often. Thank G-d these tend to be few and far between, but they happen.

Over the past few days, Trouble has had some tinkles that indicate to me she may have something going on. Tonight I am sure.

B came into our room a little while ago and just sat on H's lap. When pressed, she said she couldn't sleep. After sitting there quietly for about 15 minutes, H asked her if she was feeling okay. She responded, "No, my tummy hurts and I think I am going to throw up." At least she gave us warning! H grabbed the garbage pail and a second later, she did in fact vomit. Trouble had been asleep at the foot of H's bed. When the commotion started she jumped up and moved to the foot of my bed.

We quickly mobilized getting B cleaned up, throwing out the garbage bag, and giving her a little water to wash out her mouth. Then we all went to settle back into bed when H noticed a dark stain at the foot of his bed. We looked at Trouble who was guiltily cleaning her little rump.

Bodily fluids all over the place. Yuck!!!

This is my life. And I love it. And I laugh A LOT.


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