When Mommy Gets Sick

Last week was my first week since becoming unemployed that the kids were back in school.  We also got the laptop back from HP, with a working shift key!  I know you are all wondering then why didn't I get it together to blog some interesting and funny things this week.

Well people, Trip'n Mommy was sick.  Quick Strep positive, electric blanket totin', swollen glands, shivering, shaking, tea, soup, frozen yogurt (and that's it!) kinda sick.  Thursday it got really exciting (I will spare you the gory details), with an emergency run to the ENT and a Mono test added to the mix.

You might wonder what happens in the Trip'n House when Mommy gets sick.I am here to assure you: It does NOT all fall apart.  

First, the Trips are really old enough to understand the idea of not feeling well and also have some concept of germs.  So I got lots of blown kisses from the doorway, lots of "get well" pictures, and lots of wishes for "afuah sheleimah." (We are trying to get the RE in there, but it is really cute.) What we didn't get was extra good behavior, extra cooperation, and sibling harmony. In the end, they are all just 4 and 51/52 year olds.   (Can you tell I am not ready for them to be 5?  It is happening this week, whether I like it or not...)

Second, we have an incredible support system.  The babysitter, Savta and Saba, and Grandma and Zaide are always there to do anything we need.  This week they took care of carpool, shopping including a Shabbos Abba snack, Shabbos meals, and anything else we called on them to do. 

Most of all, H is an extremely active father. It is not a matter of him having to step up or step in.  Since day one, he has been equally or even more involved in the mundane tasks of parenting.  From diapers and feedings, to tushy wiping and bedtimes, H is at the front lines. Sure there are tasks that are left to Mommy like temperature taking, outfit picking, or girls ponytails.  But other than those few things, H does it all.  So this week, I got sick and the house did not fall apart.  H worked his rear off, and then lost sleep because of a sick and snoring spouse.  But the routine was pretty regular and the Trips didn't feel like their world was out of whack.  He also did an early morning airport run, and accompanied me on my panic ridden trip to the specialist. 

What can I say? I know how to pick 'em.  H is an outstanding father, an amazing partner, and an overall stupendous human being.  I thank G-d every day that I have him in my life. 

I love you H. 

(For those of you who are wondering, the Mono test was B"H negative, and I am finally beginning to feel better.  Hopefully, this week will be filled with plenty for me to blog about.)


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