Thoughts on Thursday the 5th

Thursday, February 5th 2004 was a day pretty much like today.

I woke up, had something to eat, spent some time online, took a nap, and hung out with the dog. Just like today, I was standing at a bend in life's road. Something big was about to happen, something that would change the course of my life forever. I was full of anticipation, excitement, plans, and ideas. I had no idea what tomorrow would bring.

I should also mention that I was achy all over, could barely move, and had a HUGE tummy.

When I tried to go to bed that night I noticed that the aches and pulls of my poor over-stretched muscles seemed to be coming less sporadically and in a more rhythmic manner. In the middle of the night, (after H had a shower!) we left to go to the hospital.

Friday, February 6, 2004, at about noon, three miracles entered our lives. They were HUGE (for triplets) each weighing over 5 lbs. They were tiny. Perfect. Healthy!

While I know it won't be triplets, I can't help but wonder what tomorrow might bring...


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