My Life as a Movie

Every once and a while I like to think about what my life would be like as a Hollywood blockbuster film. Okay, maybe a little Indie one.

What would the soundtrack be like?
Who would star?
What would be the budget?
What would it be rated?

Well, today my friends, I think it would be rated R. This morning, my darling, precocious A dropped the F-bomb, or at least something that sounds awfully like it. Either way, since it was used in an expletive manner after she dropped something, we all know what she meant.

When I (calmly, I thought) asked her to repeat what she said, she burst into tears. She is much like me in that way. I hate getting caught doing something wrong!! So I took her away from B & C,(no need to embarrass her further) and tried to talk to her about it. When she still wouldn't tell me the word, I told her "If it is so bad that you don't want to tell Mommy, then you should never say it again."

Everyone keeps asking me where she heard it. Now, I take full responsibility for teaching them "Shoot!" And we had a babysitter who taught them "J****S C****T!" (That one was easy to un-teach "Those aren't words for Jewish people") This one however is not me!!

I am open to suggestions.


Miriam said...

I didn't teach her, but I've heard one of mine mumbling something similar when I told her she had to do something she didn't want to do.

Your response was great! I'll try to remember that next time.

UM said...

I know I didn't teach it to her..

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