An Open Letter to the Insurance Company

To Whom it May Concern:

First, we want to thank you for the manner in which YOU have been managing our family's health care. Just in case our DOCTORS weren't doing such a great job, we know that you will keep them on their toes. Due to your regulations and ridiculous drug formulary list, they are forced to take creative care to a new level. Please continue to be last word in our care, after all, what to those doctors know anyway?

The reason we are writing today, is to officially put you on notice regarding the following:

1. People get sick on Sunday. People have emergencies and accidents on Sunday. Also interesting to note, banks, stores, movie theaters, and libraries are all open on Sunday. Even liqueur stores are open on Sunday. However, we would like to commend you on your stalwart commitment to NOT be open on Sunday, and only supply your subscribers with a Phone-a-Nurse who is not authorized to approve anything regarding our care. In response, my family has been committed to get sick and have emergencies on Sundays.

2. It IS possible for 2 (or more) people in one family to share the same last name, ID number (which you assign), and birthday! It sounds crazy, like something from science fiction, but believe us it happens. Your computer system does not seem to understand this phenomena and therefore has no override for such situations.

3. Regarding item # 2: Sometimes, said people need the same prescription. Especially for antibiotics. When they can't fill the prescription because your system won't recognize a different FIRST name, the pharmacist must then resort to creative care (see above.)

4. We have been informed that as of January 1, 2009 we will be enrolled in with another insurance carrier. It is our sincere hope that this company is as controlling of our care, as inflexible, and as unhelpful as you have been for the last four years.

Good Riddance,

Trip'n Mommy, H, and the TRIPLETS: A, B, & C


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