Shh...Don't Tell

The Chanukah presents have started to arrive!

I am trying not to go overboard, since I know they will get from the grandparents and great aunts and uncles.

This is what has come so far:

Since our trip to Israel, A has really been into taking pictures. I thought about getting her a cheap digital camera, but then I saw the The Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera She's going to have to share it, but I think after the initial novelty wears off, that won't be a problem. If it is a really big hit, their birthday is just around the corner. Funny, the price has skyrocketed since I bought it! I hope it goes down again...

I wanted something that they could all play together, so I was on the lookout for some board games. Zingo is a great game for Shabbos and came recommended by another parent. It's always good to have something to help them burn all that extra energy (x3!!!) and Cranium Hullabaloo seems like just the thing!

There's more coming...from here.
But more on that later. H is waiting for a belated dinner.


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