False Alarm

My kids don't get out much.

I think it is mother of triplets thing for me.  Taking out all three kids at once can be overwhelming. At first, it was just a physical impossibility.  I mean, how is one person supposed to take three infants/toddlers shopping?  Where are you supposed to put them?  Even if they all fit in a cart, nothing else will! So I got into the habit of going without them. In the rare circumstance that I HAD to take them, I took another adult.

Since they have gotten bigger, I have been more willing to take them into stores with me.  It is still a challenge, with a constant chorus full of "Mommy, I want...," "Mommy, can we...?, "Mommy, look at that!" I feel like I need a few extra set of eyes, ears, and hands. 

Savta and I took the kids to Michael's today.  Nothing is more exciting to my kids then arts and crafts, so they were in heaven.  The chorus was louder with stickers, markers, paint, foamies, and flowers enticing them.  We had a mild bumper cart session, 3 trips to the bathroom, and a stroll down the cake decorating aisle for birthday inspiration (no good ideas yet.)  

Finally, it was time to checkout.  I went to one checkout, Savta went to the one across from me. A was hanging out with me, B and C with Savta.  For the record, Savta had a clear view of the exit, but lacks the experience (or belief) that the Trips can get themselves into loads of trouble.   Anyway, as I am joking with the cashier about how the kids gang up on me to get in trouble, you know, one distracts me while the other two make mischief, the fire alarm goes off. 

I hear Savta exclaim "Did you touch that?" and turn to see B and C standing near the exit, next to the fire pull-box.  B is already in full "shut down" mode.  This happens when she does something wrong, someone insults her, or she gets hurt. She pouts, goes silent, and refuses to look at the offender or reprimander

Yes, it is true, B pulled the fire alarm. 

While the Michael's management tries to figure out how to turn it off, A is asking why no one is leaving.  After all, "in my school, when the alarm goes off, we all have to leave, so why is no one leaving Mommy?" Savta and I are apologizing to everyone, C is strangely silent, and B is indulging in lip-quivering, sulking embarrassment.  (I did try to get her to apologize, but she wouldn't talk to me, no way she was talking to anyone else!)

Needless to say, we high-tailed it out of there immediately.  Driving out of the parking lot the chorus became "Look Mommy, a fireman!," "Hey, a police car," and "See the flashing lights!"

Like I said, we don't get out much. 


sareet said...

oh my gosh!! that is hysterical :-)
i'm laughing with tears, i can just see the kids in that situation....

you poor mommy, such (adorable) handfuls!

LoudLion said...

I know how you feel, I have 4 all under 8, with a twins at the bottom. We never go to the store all together, and if we do, it is with help, like you. Two of us each take an older one and a younger one so hopefully the older one will watch the younger one...notice I said hopefully.

Thankfully, we have never had the fire alarm incident.

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