I have been officially unemployed for three days. By unemployed I mean that I am not working outside of the home.  As a working mother, I used to joke that I have 3 other full-time jobs: wife, mother, and domestic manager.  Now that I am concentrating on those positions, I can really see how true this is!!

This has been a particularly busy week since the Trips have midwinter break.  Even so, I am not at a loss of things to do.  (Notice I am not blogging with any more frequency!) The kitchen is cleaner, more laundry is done, and the house has food in it on a Wednesday!! I have also changed cell phone plans, filed for unemployment, negotiated a severance package, and made arrangements for new health insurance.  Did I mention that 2 family members have been in the hospital?  Even though I am not the one running to and from the hospital, I have been providing support, worrying and davening.  B"H it looks like both of them are going to be okay.  One is home already. 

Tomorrow, I am dedicating the entire day to the Trips.  They have been asking all week to go to Fun Station, which is only open Thursday through Sunday.  So we are waking Savta up early and heading out. But they have not been wanting for adventure this week!  They have been to the library, Amazing Saving, pizza, ice cream, Slurpies,  Michael's (see next post for this particular adventure), and Carlos & Gabby's. A pretty full week for a trio of almost 5 year olds (and their mother and Savta!!)

I have stocked up on crafts projects to do with them to make up for lost time. I am planning on baking Challah with them Friday morning.

I may be unemployed, but I have plenty to do!  


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