Mountain Climbing

This is for you. You know exactly who you are.
The view from Mt. Hermon

Listen to me. You are incredibly strong. You are doing everything you can to make your life better.

It is an uphill climb, but trust me, when you get to the crest you will look back and say, "Look what I did!"

The view will be beautiful. 
You will feel strong, empowered, and renewed. 

You can live your dreams. Just get through each day one step at a time.

Remember to look behind you as you climb, because you will see a posse of people following. We are all ready to catch you if you fall and we will support you in whatever way you need. You can even ask us for help, hugs, and scream, rant, and rave at us. We can take it. Our reward is seeing you succeed.

You can be happy. You WILL be happy.
We won't have it ANY other way. 


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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I love you all. But it is a big mountain and I certainly am not worthy of you. But thank you for loving me despite this.

mirigott said...

We are all here to help u thru!

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