Writing Workshop: Personification

For this assignment, we were asked to choose from a variety of objects.  We were told to select the item that spoke to us. We were then assigned to speak in its voice. 

Fading Feathers
I am a masquerade mask and have been to many a party.
How I love to be wrapped around my bearer's face,
A night of rejoicing, flirting, and mystery ahead.
I have seen sumptuous tables laden with fare,
Drunken men making fools of themselves,
And beautiful women seeking attention.
Now, I sit on a shelf with faded feathers, torn and untidy.
Aging, as my bearer does.
I wish to be taken out for a night once more.
To feel her eyes wrinkle with amusement, the tears of her laughter.
To party again.


rutimizrachi said...

Very creative. I love your last two sentences!

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