Writing Workshop: Personification and Indentification

For this assignment we were asked to choose from a selection of pictures of animals.  We were supposed to choose one that we felt some connection with, that we felt we shared a trait - either good or bad.

We then had to write a poem in the voice of the animal.

This is the picture that immediately jumped out at me.  
Here is my response:

I am enormous.
Big legs, big feet,
Big nose, ears, and rear.
My footsteps fall heavy
On the savannah floor.
Others shy away, frightened by my size.
Do they know I am loyal? Fierce? Gentle?
Do they know I love to splash? To laugh? To play?
Huge grey mass is all they see.
I only want them to see ME.


rutimizrachi said...

Funny. All I saw in the photo was a mama that loved her baby and made him feel safe. Oh! That is what I see when I see you, too!

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